Sustainability is the only way forward.

Sustainability is a key business focus for Cannon Hygiene. We have a company-wide environmental policy, review and manage our environmental impact, and set targets for improving performance.

Our products and service solutions are continually more environmentally sustainable using the latest technology to achieve this. 

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We use the natural and environmentally friendly Activap™ germicide within our sanitary, clinical and nappy disposal units. This kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria and is only sanitary unit germicide on target to gain accreditation under the European Biocidal Products Directive. Created from natural active ingredients derived from plants, Activap has been specifically developed to provide optimal performance with minimal impact on the environment. The aims of the directive include:

  • To protect the public and ensure products are safe
  • To ensure products do not harm the environment
  • To prove that products actually work i.e. marketing claims can be substantiated with credible data collected in the specific application

Our EcoPure range incorporates our latest sustainable washroom products. 

Our range of hand dryers is another one of our sustainability initiatives. These eliminate the need for paper towels (which can account for 30% of office landfill waste) and require 10% of the energy of standard hand dryers. Other hand dryers typically take in excess of 35 seconds to dry hands, Cannon hand dryers completes the task in 10-12 seconds. 

To find our more call us today on 1300 781 666 so we can develop you a sustainable and cost effective solution for your business.