This year marks Cannon Hygiene's 60th Anniversary. Established in the UK in April 1955, we became known as the founder of the free standing sanitary disposal unit service. Our global network spread across 55 countries of which our products and services are closely customised to our client's requirements.

Cannon have since established home-grown operations in Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, France, Canada, South Africa, Finland and the USA to name a few as well as franchises in many other countries. We have evolved over the years to bring world leading solutions to our customers across the country. Consolidating a number of services that greatly reduces the management time and resource required by you.

We began Australian operations in Perth in 2002 and now offer nationwide coverage across the country and our network spreads far and wide in metropolitan and regional areas supporting local, multi-state, national and international customers.

Experience isn't just about the length of time we have been operating, it's also about what we have learned and how we have developed our services to better suit your needs. We regularly ask our customers what we can do better and what we can offer to improve the service and which is why we have been successful around the globe for so many years. We also ensure that our people receive expert training because after all it's our people who make us what we are.

It's really a combination our experience together with our continuous improvement programme that helps to keep our customers satisfied. A few of our recent developments include the use of a unique and environmentally friendly germicide in our hygiene units, the development of harsh-chemical free pest control solutions, 100% secure service for your confidential waste and an array of environmentally friendly products to provide infection prevention for our clients.

Whatever your problem, we have the experience to offer you a streamline pest control, washroom and hygiene solution so call us today on 1300 781 666.