Corporate Profile

Cannon Hygiene was formed in 1955 in the UK.  It is the founder of the free standing sanitary disposal unit service and has over 60 years experience in providing a high quality user experience for washrooms around the globe and over a decade locally in Australia. This long-term success is primarily due to our strength in building customer partnerships and ensuring a synergetic approach in our service delivery. This commitment to customer satisfaction, paired with the outstanding quality in our products and services are the reasons for our customers selecting Cannon as their preferred hygiene and washroom solution provider.

Today Cannon Hygiene operates in over 55 countries worldwide with representation on every continent with a global network of over 91,000 people.

Cannon Hygiene has been at the forefront of providing total washroom solutions globally to varying businesses and industries across five continents. As the original developer of the exchange system for sanitary hygiene, we continuously implement innovations and have introduced numerous products to make our services more beneficial and cost effective for our customers.

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Our Values