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Many companies traditionally try to solve the potential problems by constantly flushing water through the urinals. This is ineffective and wastes a great deal of water. However, if left untreated, male urinal pipework can become blocked due to the build-up of uric salts which leads to malodours and an unhygienic washroom. Fortunately, Cannon Hygiene approach urinal care intelligently and offer the perfect solution. Allowing you to manage your water use effectively and keep your male washrooms smelling pristine.

Cannon have a range of solutions to meet your needs:

    • Auto Toilet & Urinal Sanitiser
    • Reduces and prevents unsightly scale and stains from forming in the bowl. 
    • Actively attacks hard water and mineral deposits. 
    • Rapidly kills bacteria in and around the bowl where regular cleaning cannot reach, preventing spread of infection. 
    • Improves the cleaning effect of each flush and freshens the flush water by adding a fragrance.
    • Remains in the bowl and is active between flushes. 
    • Touch free operation, reduces the risk of cross contamination.
    • No water costs*
    • Reduced sewage costs.
    • Reduced blockages due to Bioblock’s anti-uric acid action.
    • No odours thanks to the unique one way odour lock. 
    • 100% Eco-Friendly - no harsh chemicals, just good bacteria.
    • Urinals are hygienically clean and fragrant.
    • Perfect for new installations or to convert existing equipment.

*when in conjunction with our Intelligent Water Management Solution.

Toilet Seat Sanitiser
    • Reduces risk of cross contamination from bacteria that live and breed on toilet seats. 
    • Quick drying solution provides an effective pathogenic bacteria barrier and means the seat can be used immediately. 
    • Can also be used on toilet flush handle and door handles, giving the user extra reassurance. 
    • Compact - fits discreetly into toilet cubicles. 
    • Hygienic dispenser - Liquid is kept safe inside a hermetic (sealed) pouch & the dispensing lever is made from Polygiene® antimicrobial technology that starts to kill microbes on contact and breaks the transmission path of diseases.
Sanitising Wipes
    • Reduces cross infection risks of toilet seats and other washroom surfaces.
    • Holds 100 wipes per container.
    • Solution dries in seconds to provide effective pathogenic bacteria barrier.
    • No finger contact with dispenser: next wipe is systematically delivered.
    • Bio-degradable wipes.
    • Single-wipe dispensing aperture minimizes waste.
    • Wipes active against pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, enterococcus hirae, candida albicans and viruses HBV and HIV.
    • Wipes meet European standards EN1275 and EN1040.



Toilet & Urinal Extreme Deep Clean 

The surfaces of urinals, toilet bowls and hand basins frequently become stained with brown rust and green copper streaks due to corrosion in plumbing. Scale build up may also be evident due to the hardness of the water. This build up in difficult to get to areas creates the perfect trap for harmful bacteria to multiply and the risk of infection due to the release of bacteria into the air is very real.

Although daily cleaning of urinals, toilet bowls and hand basins will remove dirt and grime as well as sanitizing the surface, it will not remove the build up of scale, rust stains and green copper streaks.

Our specialist Extreme Deep Clean team use a very specific cleaning process involving the use of acid cleaning solutions which requires care and expertise during the cleaning operation. The process extends into the effluent system, helping to reduce unpleasant odours and assisting the freeflow of toilet wastes.

This highly specialised cleaning process produces white porcelain, sparkling tapware, shiny stainless steel and a pleasant smelling washroom which your staff and clients will appreciate. It also gives you piece of mind that the most important rooms in your office are being kept clean, hygienic and free of germs.

Read more: Deep Clean Brochure

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