Water Management Solutions

Our range of washroom efficiency services is designed to help you save both resources and money.

Our combined system maintains a hygienic, and efficient washroom. Using water intelligently can help save up to 90% of usage.  

Water Management System
    • Controlled flushing reduces water consumption by up to 90%.
    • Reliable operation.
    • Radius™ technology ensures working parts have no contact with water.
    • Unit can handle a large range of water pressure -7 to 175psi.
    • Flashing green L.E.D. indicates system is operating.
    • Programmable: Flush every 30/60/120 or 240 minutes, 12 or 24 hours.
Intelligent Water Management System
    • The ‘ Flush Table’ is programmed to flush at specific times depending on the needs of the customer (Weekdays, Weekends, Office Hours, etc.).
    • The unique ‘Remote Flush’ allows a flush to be triggered outside the normal programme, i.e after cleaning or a particularly busy period.
    • The unique flush programme can be transferred to multiple sites.
    • The Intelligent Water Management System works in conjunction with the Actiflow urinal cartridge to create a complete urinal solution.
    • Controlled flushing reduces water consumption by up to 90%.
    • Workings in Conjunction with the Actiflow system.
    • Unique ‘fresh n minty’ block of 35 billion friendly bacteria to eliminate bad odours such as ammonia.
    • The ‘Green’ choice: Made from 100% biodegradable plastic.
    • Achieved the Waterwise Marque.
    • Reducing uric scale build up reduces associated maintenance costs.
    • Systems available for Urinal bowls and troughs.
    • IMPORTANT: Must only to be used with a compatible cleaning solution.
    • Do not use bleach or or other harsh chemicals as these damage the bacterial activity.
    • When combined with our Intelligent Water Management System you will achieve the best solution for managing waste water.

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