Infant Care

The provision of baby change and infant care equipment as part of washroom facilities has increased rapidly in recent years.

Supermarkets, leisure centres, department stores, restaurants and other public facing businesses understand that high quality, well stocked facilities are very much the ‘norm’ rather than a ‘nice to have’. 

By providing clean, modern infant care facilities your organisation is creating a positive, forward thinking image that says you have put a great deal of thought into convenience for your customers and the well-being of their children. Take a look at our product range. 

Nappy Unit
    • Highly trained operatives thoroughly clean and sanitise your unit to the highest standard.
    • Unique and modern design. 
    • A foam gasket is fixed around the lid to ensure that vapours are kept inside. 
    • Integral foot pedal, ensuring a 'no touch' facility when depositing the waste into the unit. 
    • Unit supplied with a tiger bag inside. 
    • Braille instructions imbedded in the lid meaning - 'Lift here to open'. 
    • Option to lock the lid to the base for added security. 
    • Identification labels stating what should and should not be deposited in the unit e.g. No Sharps.
Infant Changing Table
    • Specially shaped smooth table ends.
    • No exposed hinges.
    • Controlled lowering.
    • Tamper proof safety straps.
    • Sealed hinges.
    • All in one 100% foam filled moulding - no seams, easily cleaned.



    • Additional Hand/Infant Changing Table Sanitiser, keeps the facility clean and pleasant.
    • Dries quickly - ideal for any environment. 
    • Kills 99% of most common germs and bacteria - eliminates the risk of cross contamination. 
    • Compact and discreet. 
    • Hygienic dispenser - liquid is kept safe inside a hermetic (sealed) pouch & dispensing lever is made with Polygiene® antibacterial technology that starts to kill microbes instantly on contact and breaks the transmission path of diseases.



Infant Seat
Infant Seat
    • Provides a safe place for toddlers to sit, allowing parents to use other facilities.
    • Offers a safe alternative to an unhygienic floor and requires the minimal of wall space.
    • Robust - heavy-duty integral moulded hinges for strength and safety. 
    • Retaining straps - fully adjustable with 3 part heavy duty nylon for extra strength and safety. Withstand loads of up to 90kg.
    • Suitable for fixing to timber studs and solid walls.
    • Seat opens to 87° to make the child sit safety against the wall.
    • Compact - ultra slim profile.


vending machine
Infant Vending Machine
    • Provides your customers and visitors with a valuable emergency facility.
    • Robust construction with twin locks for added vandal resistance.
    • Large capacity of 34 nappy/packs.
    • Each pack contains: 1 Nappy, 1 Wipe, 1 Disposal Bag.

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