Hand Care & Hand Drying: Preventing Illness

One of the simplest yet most important requirements for your premises is the provision of effective hand washing and drying. 

Washing, thoroughly cleaning and drying your hands is simple but vital. Improved adherence to hand hygiene (i.e. hand washing with soap or use of alcohol-based hand rubs) has been shown to terminate outbreaks in health care facilities, reduce transmission of antimicrobial resistant organisms and reduce overall infection rates. Hands should be washed vigorously for 15 to 20 seconds – taking care to wash well between the fingers - and then dried thoroughly, as wet hands encourage bacterial growth.

Reduce the risk of illness

A clean and efficient washroom promotes healthier hand care routines which, in turn minimises the potential for cross contamination and reduces the risk of illness. People are more likely to use clean and hygienic soap dispensers, and Cannon's professionally managed service ensures your refills will never be empty. The standard of your washroom says a lot about your organisation so make sure its positive.

Auto Soap Dispensers
Auto Foam Soap Dispenser
    • Enriched foam soap containing moisturisers that delivers a high quality, luxurious wash experience.
    • High capacity ensures value for money. 
    • 1100ml providing 2,750 hand washes per pouch.
    • A new pump with every refill ensures no mess, clogs or leaks.


    • 800ml refill offers approx 2000 doses (0.4ml per dose).
    • Push rather than pull operation reduces the risk of the dispenser being pulled off the wall.
    • New nozzle with every refill featuring a one-way valve to prevent clogs and drips and to prevent cross contamination.
    • Hygienic dispenser - dispensing lever is made from Polygiene® antimicrobial technology that starts to kill microbes on contact and breaks the transmission path of diseases.
    • Our foam soaps contain 40% more doses than the equivalent quantity of gel soap.
    • Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as MRSA, Influenza, E-Coli and Salmonella, to help prevent the spread of disease.
    • Fast drying spray formulation (contains alcohol).
    • Compact and discreet.
    • Hygienic dispenser – dispensing push lever incorporates Polygiene® antimicrobial technology that kills microbes on contact to break the transmission path of diseases.
    • Liquid is sealed in a hermetic, easy to load pouch.
    • 400ml pouch offers approx 1000 doses (0.2ml per dose).

Hand Drying

From large high usage washrooms to singe private facilities, we have a hand drying solution to suit your needs.  We understand that individuals have specific preferences when it comes to drying hands. Many prefer traditional roller towels, others want disposable paper hand towels and some feel more comfortable with automatic hand dryers.  We offer all options – take a look.

Effective hand drying is a vital part of providing effective hand care and minimising cross contamination. Wet or damp hands spread bacteria rapidly. In environments where people can be vulnerable to infection washing and drying hands correctly can literally save lives.

Automatic Hand Dryers

If you are looking for a quality automatic hand dryer for high footfall washrooms, add one of these to your wish list. 

Cannon Airjet
cannon AIR JET
    • High speed - dual air jets dry hands with 180mph high velocity sheets of air in just 10 seconds.
    • Energy efficient - 650 watts.
    • Touch free operation - starts and stops automatically once hands are inserted.
    • Dual sensors - allows the user to operate the dryer by inserting hands from above or side, making it ideal for accessible toilets.
    • Hygienic - made from antimicrobial material, which kills bacteria on both external and internal surfaces. Cold air operation (note: heater can be switched on by request).
    • No mess - 0.8L drain tank collects waste water removed from hands.
Cannon Rapide
cannon RAPIDE
    • High speed – dries hands in under 13 seconds.
    • Compact – ideal for areas where space is limited.
    • No touch – infrared sensor for automatic operation.
    • Modern design – to compliment any décor.
    • Robust aluminium and steel construction – durable and perfect for all high traffic areas.
    • Energy efficient – uses only 1.7kw of power at 240v.
    • Designed to be kind to the environment.
    • CE approved - safety test approvals from the German safety agency vde.
Cannon Eco Dryer
    • Energy efficient automatic hand dryer
    • Dries hands fast whilst also being energy efficient at just 900W.
    • Operates at 76dB.
    • The compact and attractive design will compliment all washrooms and the perfect solution where space is limited.
    • Available in 3 colours, white, silver and chrome.
    • Infra red sensors provide a hygienic touch free operation.
    • Die-cast aluminium cover ensures the drier is robust to cope with heavy usage.
    • CE & WEEE approved.

Paper Towels 

For those establishments requiring paper, we have a complete range of premium grade paper and options for paper dispensing.

Hand Towel Dispenser
Paper Towel Dispensers
    • Premium products.
    • Stylish designs that reduce waste.
    • Refilled with the highest quality sustainable products.
    • Free of loan depending on consumption levels.

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