Feminine Hygiene

Cannon Hygiene were the first company to introduce a feminine hygiene disposal service back in 1955. 

Since then we have continued to lead the way with an exemplary and innovative service. It is no longer just a case of odour control. Managing feminine hygiene demands much more like minimising the spread of germs and designs that maximise space in cubicles.

The disposal of feminine hygiene waste at first glance might seem to be an unimportant issue. But that's a misconception. There's long been desire for something other than simply flushing it down the toilet or placing it in a waste bin. A clean safe system where such waste can be disposed of easily and where people know that health, social and environmental concerns have been dealt with.

Discreet and stylish cubicle units allow waste to be disposed of in a safe manner. We will only ever provide a unit exchange service as we believe this is the best and most hygienic service for you. Units are replaced on a regular basis and returned to our specialist local facilities to dispose of the waste, wash and sanitise the units. Our service personnel are trained to be efficient, discreet and hygienic when visiting your premises.

All of our feminine hygiene units contain Cannon Hygiene's exclusive Activap™, a natural germicide, which we use within our sanitary disposal units. Activap is certified against all forms of micro-organisms including HIV and Hepatitis B and C. Activap™ is our sanitiser composed of entirely natural substances and exclusive to Cannon customers. Activap™, in conjunction with our sanitary units, is effective against bacteria, moulds and viruses including HIV, Hepatitis B and C. Activap is an extremely effective defence against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Safe, clean and easy to use, our sanitary units reduce hand contact, allowing minimal fuss and inconvenience during disposal of soiled items.

Cannon Curves
 CANNONCURVE - auto and manual
    • Award-winning design: Winner Innovation Award, Services Category, Pulire Italy. 
    • Slimline form allowing for greater compaction of waste.
    • Available in Manual and Automatic versions with 5 wrap designs to add an extra premium touch.
    • Auto units are touch-free – the infra-red sensor detects the hand to operate the lid automatically.
    • Touch-free electronics permanently installed on each site within the wall bracket. 
    • Also available in free standing solution. 
    • Manual units - operated by lifting ring positioned away from waste deposit opening minimises user contact. Rotating lid allows access from any angle.
Fem Hygiene Concept Units
 Concept - Auto and footpedal
    • Discreet feminine hygiene unit exchange service - fresh, clean unit replaced every time.
    • Unique modern design - suitable for individual cubicles.
    • Stainless steel modesty tray - conceals the contents and minimises bacteria growth.
    • Units are lockable for secure areas.
    • Manual unit available - Integral foot pedal - allows for hands free operation, minimising cross infection.
    • Auto unit available - touch free operation - the infra-red sensor detects the hand to operate the lid automatically.
Disposable bag holder
 Disposable Bag Holder
    • Discreet - allows the end user a discreet method to dispose of sanitary waste before placing it into the Feminine Hygiene Unit.
    • Kind to environment - promotes the ‘Bag It and Bin It, Don’t Flush It’ campaign to encourage users not to flush sanitary waste.
    • This also reduces the chance of pipework blockages from sanitary waste.
    • Promotes a hygienic image within the washroom.
    • Ultra compact - requires minimum space in the toilet cubicle.
    • Holds up to 50 bags. 

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