Clinical Waste & Sharps Disposal

With an increasing number of businesses and organisations now producing medical waste and use sharps, many could be guilty of not disposing of the waste correctly. We can ensure that your legal requirements and social responsibilities are fully met.

Cannon Hygiene offer safe, efficient, and easy disposal of clinical wastes. Our service combines regulation compliant safe handling, storage, pick up and disposal. All services are carried out in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency and local government regulations and guidelines as applicable. 

Medical/Clinical Waste Units

Medi Units
Cannon Medical/Clinical Units
    • Made of high density polypropylene.
    • Suitable for procedure rooms use.
    • 2 sizes available; 30Lts & 60Lts.
    • Available in Yellow and Grey.


Medi - Nestor
Nestor Medical/Clinical Units
    • Comes standard with stainless steel entry point.
    • Flat top.
    • 65 Ltr capacity.
    • Sleak design.

Sharps Disposal

The disposal of sharps and how you approach it says a great deal about how seriously you take the health and safety of your staff and the public.

Cannon Hygiene's range of sharps disposal units are designed for the safe storage and disposal of contaminated needles and sharps. All our sharps disposal units are impenetrable with a self-locking final closure and conform to Australian safety standards. 

A crucial service for anyone that uses needles and other sharps. Offering a number of safeguards, our range of sharps disposal units protect against accidental infection from potentially deadly viruses and ensure strict legal requirements are met.

The range includes units for the disposal of non-medicinal sharps and sharps containing or contaminated with medicines. 

Our sharps disposal units come in a range of sizes and service frequencies, to suit individual requirements.

Sharps Disposal
    • For the containment of used needles and syringes, scalpels, sharp tips of I.V. sets.
    • Comes in various sizes, most common is 1.4 Ltrs.
    • Available in powder coated yellow or standard steel non coated option.

We are also able to cater for non medical-units. These come in various sizes of containers and buckets typically for bench-top applications. These are commonly used by nursing homes/medical centres and sit in a storeroom on the bench-top. The larger opening to these containers allow for the disposal of; contaminated slides, stitch cutters, guide wires, trocars, razors, blood stained or any item likely to puncture a bag.

Call us today on 1300 781 666 to have us develop the most cost effective and safe disposal of your clinical and sharps waste for your business. Alternatively you can contact us by completing our enquiry form and one of our friendly staff will contact you.