Infection Prevention & Fragrance

Highly populated and fast transit areas such as buses, airplanes, waiting rooms and trains have long been a problem, especially in regards to infection prevention and odour control.

But now there is an easy solution to eliminating pathogens such as Swine Flu, MRSA, E. coli and many others whilst leaving a pleasant fragrance.

Cannon Hygiene has just launched CannonCapsule, a bleach and alcohol free formula which delivers up to a 99.9999% reduction in pathogens. Using the latest technology, microscopic polymer capsules are released to deliver CannonCapsule. The capsules open on human contact, releasing their antimicrobial action and fragrance technology; resulting in powerful protection for your customers and staff!  The good news is it is approved for use on aircraft and is made from natural and environmentally friendly products. 

    • World's first cordless, battery-powered knapsack, ultra-low volume fogger.
    • Free from power cables and need for power outlets.
    • Equipped with a precision regulating valve that lets you adjust flow rate and particle size.
    • 90% of droplets produced are under 20.00 microns in diameter.
    • A flexible hose with handle on nozzle lets you spray into hard-to-reach areas.

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