Cannon Hygiene Services

Our range of services have been devised to satisfy all your washroom, clinical and technology hygiene needs in addition to providing industry pest control services and consumables for your facility. 

Our staff are trained in the importance of health and safety so you can be assured that they will undertake service on your property in a professional manner. Our sustainable solutions are industry leading that guarentees your business to save money. You can be assured that all our products and services are compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Washroom Hygiene - Comprehensive range of washroom hygiene products backed up by an unrivalled service that guarantees the highest levels of efficiency.

Infection Prevention & Fragrance - Combating infection in large public places.

Pest Control - Solutions to combat pests in your workplace.

Clinical & Sharps Disposal - For safe disposal of clinical and medical waste, and sharp items.  

Technology Hygiene - Solutions to reduce the bacteria build-up in and on your expensive equipment.

Consumables - Supply service for a wide range of paper, chemicals and associated products.

CannonCover - Umbrella wrapper to reduce slips and trips from wet floors. 

Call us today on 1300 781 666 to have us develop a solution to suit your business. Alternatively you can contact us by completing our enquiry form and one of our friendly staff will contact you.